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JSP Agro specializes in recruitment solutions for the Agri,Life Sciences and IT industry. We are the right people to communicate regarding your organization's talent requirement. Qualified professionals looking for better positions can get in touch with us.

In an increasingly integrated world, JSP Agro Recruitment Solutions enriches its collaboration with its clients and partners, by developing innovative ideas and solutions that give them the competitive edge, serve them more effectively, and deliver a robust return of value for money spent. Our people work closely with individual clients and provide well researched professional services that help in identifying HR Solutions that are relevant and customized to the client’s requirements.

At JSP Agro, we have imbibed an unwavering commitment to excellence and it is our goal to demonstrate this dedication to every customer we serve.


Customer Relationship Management


Service Management inShare26One of the more powerful but often overlooked features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the Customer Service module, which allows you to manage and track customer service activity in your organization. The customer service functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is broken down into two main function sets: Service management and Service scheduling.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM service management is designed to support incident-based services. If company's service model is based on number of incidents or purchased by the hour, service contracts can be tracked in CRM by using the Contract entity...Read More