Application Management


Jay Consulting Application Management process provides its clients various methodologies and tools which offer visibility into real-time metrics that help to manage the key aspects of applications. Our solution, application components are monitored for availability, performance of key business processes, and service-level agreement compliance.


Through our Application management we ensure:

  •  Obtaining real-time availability and performance metrics of an enterprise application and its related components
  •  Showing metrics on what application users are experiencing when using the
  •  Assisting in root-cause analysis when application performance is degraded application
  •  Providing proactive alerting and notification based on application service


Jay Consulting Offers appropriate application management availability and performance metrics which are provided to all application stakeholders, system administrators, database administrators, IT management, and business


Jay Consulting Application Management takes a user-centric approach using a top-down method. We measure user's experience with a business process when interacting with enterprise application and help our clients react accordingly. We ensure that our service-level agreements are met and users are satisfied with their experience.