Customer Relationship Management


Service Management in Share 26 One of the more powerful but often overlooked features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the Customer Service module, which allows you to manage and track customer service activity in your organization. The customer service functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is broken down into two main function sets: Service management and Service scheduling.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM service management is designed to support incident-based services. If company's service model is based on number of incidents or purchased by the hour, service contracts can be tracked in CRM by using the Contract entity. CRM also features a knowledge base to provide an area to store solutions to previous incidents for future use.

The Case entity (aka tickets or incidents) provides incident-based tracking for issues that may arise from customers, whether they are external or internal. CRM is designed to track the process from the initial intake of an incident, tracking the details throughout the remediation process, and through final resolution.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM cases are most commonly used in help desk scenarios, in which a customer has an issue with a product or service; the activities to resolve the issue need to be tracked in an organized manner from when the issue was first reported to resolution of the issue. The case entity provides a standard interface and has the fields most commonly used to track incidents. However, it can be customized to fit your business processes.

You can assign cases to CRM users or teams. For more powerful automation and collaboration, cases can also be added to queues. Utilizing queues can result in more efficient case distribution and resolution.

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