Formulation Research and development is a full-fledged activity at Jay Speciality Services and it includes:

  •  Formulation development & optimization
  •  Develop offsets for Surfactant systems and high load Formulations
  •  Registration support, quality control, scale ups
  •  Qualification of Alternate surfactants, Raw materials, Technicals
  •  Formulation development of EC, SC, CE, CS, WDG, and WP
  •  Jay Speciality Services is a one stop solution provider for Surfactant and Pesticide manufactures across the globe.
  •  Jay Speciality Services develops various formulations using state of the art technology, machinery and materials, to enhance product stability, bioavailability. The characteristics of the product during and after the development are evaluated as per ASTM, CIPAC, WHO or USDA  specifications


Formulations Agro Stability Studies
Development Capabilities:
  •  Emulsifiable concentrate
  •  Suspension concentrates
  •  Suspoemulsions
  •  Extruded granules
  •  Bait formulations
  •  Tablets: Sustained Release,
  •  Controlled Release formulations
  •  Targeted Delivery:
    •  Capsules: Immediate Release Sustained Release
    •  Suspensions & syrups
    •  Injectables
  •  Packaging, shelf life stability studies
  •  Photo Stability Studies and Forced Degradation Studies
  •  Inert and tank mix compatibility Studies
  •  Freeze-thaw stability studies


Formulations Lab Equipment:
Equipment Make Available
Fluid Bed Processor Pam-Glatt Available
Dispermat (High Speed) Dispermat Available
Particle Size Analyzer Malvern Available
Brokefield Analyzer - Available
Multi-Mill Gem Pharma Available
Double Cone Blender Gem Pharma Available 10, 40, 120 L
Zeta Potential TBD No (Available - Vendor)
Auto Coater Saral Engg. Available. Liay
Liquid Filling Machine - Available (MF 30)
Dynamic contact angle TBD Not Available
Eiger Colloidal Mill Eiger Available - CM7